About The Missoula Haunted House

2019 marks the 7th year of The Missoula Haunted House. Roothead Studios started producing Haunted Houses in 2011.

The Missoula Haunted House is Southwest Montana’s most terrifying Haloween attraction and will return once again to the Missoula Fairgrounds this October 2019! 8 years ago, the production company Roothead Studios held its first Haunted House event.  The first Haunted House was a modest backyard event armed with scary masks, black plastic sheets, and a love for Halloween. The outpour of positive reviews from all who attended that first haunt motivated Roothead Studios to produce a bigger and better event every year since.  What started out as a backyard spook show has grown into the largest and most sensational halloween event in the area. We hope to scare you at The Missoula Haunted House this Haloween season!